Boulez Day!! Percussionist Katelyn King reporting on her experiences in Lucerne, part II

To celebrate Pierre Boulez’s 90th birthday – and just the fact that he’s awesome – there will be music performed all day either by Boulez or inspired by him. I know everyone is really looking forward to today. We are all nervous about pulling this off, but it is going to be amazing!

Just today alone I will be performing in six pieces! It’s a challenge to stay focused, run around during stage changes, and then mentally get into the character of the next piece. My personal favorite of this concert is Boulez’s Rituel. The orchestra is broken into small chamber groups all surrounding the conductor in the middle of the room. This performance is going to be truly special. There are chairs on the ring of the circle, but there will also be beanbags in the middle provided for those who want to watch Matthias up close and receive the full surround sound effect! I wish I could hear the piece, but I do love being a percussionist with a shaman-like role.

And of course members of the Ensemble intercontemporain (some of our coaches) are dispersed throughout all the groups. I’ve loved watching my coach and another percussionist from the EIC play the beautiful gong parts in the back!

Katelyn King

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Rehearsal for "A Day for Pierre Boulez" with Matthias Pintscher (photo: Katelyn King)

Rehearsal for „A Day for Pierre Boulez“ with Matthias Pintscher (photo: Katelyn King)

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