Third Week Vibes

FullSizeRenderWe’re now in the final push of the festival, and most of us are trying to keep the energy up! This week is very heavy rehearsal for the final few concerts. The last program with Pablo Heras-Casado – Bartók, Varèse, and Szymanowski – is amazing! We have extra players coming in from Zurich, Basel, etc. to help with Varèse’s Amériques, and it’s been great getting to know new people. In the percussion section we have five extra players!

And more new faces! The student conductors arrived a few days ago, and the group of them (five from all over), are very talented. It’s really a pleasure to see Matthias Pintscher teach them; it let us gain some insight into his huge brain … This year, the students will conduct from our festival repertoire, so it’s really interesting to see how others feel the phrasing in this familiar music. The conductors are also around at other rehearsals, nightly hangs, etc., adding more character to the end of the festival!

The vibes are good! Everyone is tired, but of course still enthusiastic about the music. Maybe we’ve been having too much fun after rehearsals these past few weeks? 🙂

Katelyn King

Looking behind the scenes at LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY: Joosten Ellée and Katelyn King report on their experiences in LUCERNE – artistic and personal alike

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