Backstage story: a typical touring emergency situation

During a orchestra tour sometimes things happen that you might not expect: There was a little pre rehearsal „drama“ with the bass drum skin that was broken, and needed replacing immediately. That was just before the start of the rehearsal in the Suntory Hall in Tokyo, and the drum was to be played in Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps after the break (an hour later).

In the end a very quick solution was found as the size was the same as the timpani, a make-do solution was found, until a proper repair could be made.

Lots of excitement, for the percussion section, Christiane Weber (Head of Artistic Office Lucerne Festival) and of course the Japanese staff who was very busy to fix this as soon as possible.

Music Director Riccardo Chailly was happy, as the drum was fixed even before the general rehearsal started! He passed by on the way to the stage and exchanged a few words with Raymond Curfs.

Photos © Geoffroy Schied / LUCERNE FESTIVAL

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