Pianist Haochen Zhang made his debut with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA

What will the audience expect at the open-air concert and at your concert at the Shanghai Symphony Hall with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra?

I think at the open-air concert, the encounter with the beautiful scenery of the forest would make the audience’s listening experience all the more inspiring, and alternatively they will enjoy the most intimate and refined sound at the Symphony Hall, which has one of the best acoustics in Asia. If I could I’d present every concert twice, once while the birds sing and the wind caresses the audience and the next day in a confined and protected room.

Pianist Haochen Zhang: debut with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA under the direction of Riccardo Chailly at the Gongqing National Forest Park in Shanghai

What are the differences between a Chinese and an European audience?

The European audience are the most informed and knowledgeable, and know what they are looking for in a concert; the Chinese audience, on the other hand, has experienced Classical music only as a much more recent phenomenon, but this makes it all the more exciting and refreshing for them, and as a performer one could certainly feel that sense of excitement during the concert.

What’s your favourite piece, which you don’t play by yourself? 

I don’t happen to have a single favorite piece, and probably never will. As magical as music is, you always change your opinion on „favorites“ over time. Basically my favourite piece is the one I play in the moment I do.

In November you will have your debut at LUCERNE FESTIVAL in the heart of Switzerland. What do you think about Switzerland?

The first thing that comes to my mind about Switzerland is its mesmerizing nature, an incredible stability in culture and politics and a peaceful atmosphere which has been accompanying my musical memories whenever I give concerts there. I will also be giving a recital in Lucerne this November, and am so looking forward to enjoying it!

Concert Dates:

Mozart Piano Concerto in C minor K. 491

19.10.2018 – Open Air | Gongqing National Forest Park
22.10.2018 – Shanghai Symphony Hall

About Haochen Zhang (click here)

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