“Roche Commissions”: Marianna Liik and Josep Planells Schiaffino reporting what they have worked on and changed in their scores since the rehearsal

Two years ago, they were chosen for the third edition of the Roche Young Commissions, and on 1 September they will unveil their new orchestral works at the Lucerne Summer Festival – having had a chance last summer to do a test-run of the works-in-progress with the Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY. Marianna Liik and Josep Planells Schiaffino report on this experience and its impact on the development of their composition process.

“Last Summer, I had the great honor to work for a few days with the Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY on the piece that we will perform next September. My intention at that time, was to try out different things in terms of orchestration, but also to work on the dramaturgy of the whole piece. For that purpose, I composed about two thirds of the piece. What at first seemed to be a huge amount of work – I had to edit the score and the parts knowing that I should do that over again only few months later –, turned out to be of decisive importance for the form of the piece. Thanks to this workshop, I have compensated some sections in terms of length, adapted some parts to a rather smaller formation, adjusted them dynamically in order to become clearer and developed some ideas that didn’t have the shape they should have. For instance: there is a moment, around the middle of the piece, where a sort of tarantella leads to a “Kehraus” (“last farewell dance”) introduced by the four horns at unison – which, by the way, was the germinal idea of the piece: a melody irregularly rotating on its axis until it collapses. This brief moment of spin, ecstasy and collective madness ended in the first version with a long climax. After having given it some thought, I decided to abruptly interrupt this process by a sudden change of situation and hold the energy for a bit longer, interpolating a polyphonic hymn that awakens bigger expectations for the epilogue that is to come. Without the acoustic experience I had during this previous stage and the time to reflect them, it would have been very unlikely to come to its final result.”

Josep Planells Schiaffino

“For the rehearsals last summer I prepared “Étude” for symphony orchestra where I entwined different structure types and building blocks I wanted to hear. I asked the orchestra to play different versions by changing the dynamic of sound layers and articulation. This experience was very necessary for the further development of the composition. I have analyzed the recording of the rehearsals and derived inspiration to create new and right solutions for the piece. So the material I prepared for the rehearsals has changed and the piece as a whole is still looking its right way.”

Marianna Liik

Sunday, 1 September
| Symphony Concert 14

KKL Luzern, Concert Hall

Sir George Benjamin, David Fulmer (Planells Schiaffino) and Ruth Reinhardt (Liik) conductors
Reinhold Friedrich trumpet
Robyn Schulkowsky percussion

Marianna Liik
Kurzschluss for orchestra | world premiere “Roche Young Commissions”

Josep Planells Schiaffino
Torna for orchestra | world premiere “Roche Young Commissions”

Wolfgang Rihm
Marsyas. Rhapsody for trumpet with percussion and orchestra

George Benjamin
Palimpsests for orchestra

Dieter Ammann
glut for orchestra

Main Sponsor: Roche

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